Book Review Writing Service

Book Review Writing Service

Today, a huge number of critics and those who want to express their views, and others listen to him. A review of a book, a sample of which can be found in any textbook, is actually not as simple as it might seem. Therefore, not every writer, reader or journalist has sufficient analytical mind and critical eye to optimally and correctly write unbiased reviews. A review is an essay writing, which includes responsibility for the words spoken. Particular prejudice and a large number of reviews are caused by works of famous contemporaries, who position themselves as confident authors of quality books. As a rule, there are always two camps: opponents or admirers of similar books or authors.

Make a review plan

Nobody interferes with making your plan, but you can use the typical one:

Bibliographic description – the title of the book, the author, the year of publication (if this reissue – indicate which account), the publishing house.

A small retelling of the content in one to three sentences.

Direct recall (personal impressions).

Analytical part – analysis of the name, content, structure, practical examples, etc.

Allocate all the advantages and disadvantages of the book.

So, you have done a critical analysis of the work. Do not rush to publish, first check yourself on such mistakes:

  1. Lack of sufficient knowledge on the topic of the work.
  2. Retelling the book instead of a detailed analysis.
  3. Complete replacement of logic with emotions.
  4. Priority of personal opinion over objective evaluation, general value judgments.
  5. A small number of arguments or their low quality.
  6. A familiar attitude to the author.
  7. Excessive self-confidence or insecurity in the reviewer.

You realized that reviewing a book is a process of collision of two contradictions, when you need to combine your own opinion and an impartial professional view.

Writing a review, it is important not to drown in emotions. A highly enthusiastic response will always look as biased and even paid for. Full of negativity – as a personal dislike of the reviewer to the author.

Evaluating a work, the reviewer should observe objectivity, be able to communicate and correctly express his thoughts. For this it is necessary to have a sufficient level of competence and erudition.