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Unlike course and diploma projects, the abstract is a more simplified form of independent work of paper writers, which combines scientific research, work with various sources of information, processing of selected material, design and public protection. Of course, the ideal abstract both in content and in design will be close to the course. But in reality, the situation will be slightly different. For example, for part-time students write several abstracts in different disciplines in a very short period of time

The situation with the preparation of abstracts for full-time students is different. Of course, no one is immune from the work on the eve of the session, so the abstracts can also be formed into a neat pile, bypassing the quality check and public speaking.

Stages of writing

Writing any abstract should be divided into two stages: preparatory and basic; theoretical and practical. At the first stage, the student is identified with the topic of the study. Here you can consider such options:

  1. A) The teacher distributes the topics personally (considering your abilities and abilities).
  2. B) The student is given the right to choose a topic from the list compiled by the teacher.
  3. B) The student can independently come up with a topic for his essay, taking into account the material and discipline passed (it must be agreed with the teacher in advance).

In addition, at the preparatory stage, students should actively work with literature and other sources of information. First, you should familiarize yourself with all available sources of information on a given topic, gradually selecting the publications that relate exclusively to your topic. Some students can make bibliographic records on small cards (like library books) or in a special notebook or notebook.

The practical part of some may seem more complicated since it is necessary here not only to write the text but also to properly format it. Structurally, the abstract will be like a course or diploma work, since it must necessarily contain sections that are characteristic of any research work. We begin, of course, with a business card – this is the title page of your essay

The Introduction section is built by analogy with the coursework and includes such data:

-Relevance of the research topic;

-Goal and tasks;

-Methodology and methodology of the study.

At the end of the abstract, the author briefly summarizes the work done.