Student Information

Our 2006 Summer Schedule Coming Soon.

Parent Observation will be held during your child's first dance class the first week in February.
  Due to space, please only 2 adults per dancer.

Our Annual Dance Recital, "Star Struck", will be held on Saturday, June 17th
 at the University of Maryland Tawes Theatre.



A Few of Our Outstanding Awards from last year are:

Sr. Lyrical #1 - Precious Things - Platinum; High Score for Pro-Am Small Group Division (cash award); "Artistic Interpretation" Special Award

Sr. Tap - Platinum; "Cool Style" Special Award

Sr. Hip Hop - Top 1st Place

Sr. Lyrical #2 - Caravan - 1st Place

Jr. Lyrical #3 - Free - 1st Place; "Incredible Music Coordination" Special Award

Jr. Hip Hop - Top 1st Place; "Cool Concept" Special Award

Pam Dysland - Gold
Katerina Herder - High Gold; 1st Runner Up for High Score for Teen Solo Division; Senior Miss Photogenic Award
Kirsten Marsden - High Silver
Lauren Marsden - Gold; "Kids Artistic Revue Kid"
Jesi Olfky - Gold
Chantele Rountree - Platinum; High Score for Sr. Solo Division (cash award); "Hot, Hot, Hot" special award
Kennedy Taylor - High Silver; High Score for Petite Solo Division (cash award)
Bethany White - Silver
Beth Engel/Jesi Olfky/Chantele Rountree - Platinum; High Score for Pro-Am Division (cash award)
Katerina & Natalie Herder - Gold; High Score for Sr. Duo Division (cash award)
Kelsey Karpman/Katie Kennedy - Gold; "Awesome Smile" Special Award
Talia Klimes/RJ Rountree - High Silver; High Score for Petite Duo Division (cash award)
Julia McLaughlin/Kaitlin Walukonis - Gold; High Score for Teen Duo Division (cash award)
Brenda Rountree/Lynne Virgil - Gold; High Score for Jr. Duo Division (cash award)

"2005 Choreography Award" Presented to Miss Beth Engel for Choreography of Precious Things Lyrical Routine

Many more awards too numerous to list.



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